The 5 Questions Communications Pros in Business Services Should Ask (And Their Answers)

Data on Thought Leadership is an ever-important metric for our clients in the Business Services industry. As a professional in the field, it is important to know the fundamental landscape your content resides in as you put strategies into action. The following 5 questions can help you understand the key components impacting your brand and Thought Leadership engagement. We gathered data below on behalf of our Business Services clients in the Human Resources field.

How much of my coverage contains Thought Leadership?

“53% of all Business Services content will feature Thought Leadership on average”

How much of my Thought Leadership coverage appears in top tier outlets?

During the summer months, media conversations tend to change pace and slow down.  To help our clients understand how their Thought Leadership mentions stacked up during the season, we provided a birds-eye view of where this coverage was being published. The vast majority of Thought Leadership mentions during the summer months were in low-stature outlets, a data point many executives may be curious to know as they set strategies in place for coming seasons.

When is the best time to release Thought Leadership?

Understanding industry patterns is an important piece of data when deciding when to pitch Thought Leadership and where to ignite efforts for social sharing. Interesting trends took place across the Business Services industry during the summer –

Who should I be pitching to?

Knowing who to maintain strong relationships with is a key part to maintaining credible coverage, especially during the summer season. These are the top five authors who wrote about several of our clients in top tier media outlets between April and August, ranked by potential audience reach.