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PublicRelay provides a free COVID-19 morning briefing that covers how the global pandemic is impacting businesses across the world. From CDC statements on safety guidelines to legislation supporting small businesses, get fast and easy access to the most important pandemic news of the day.

  • Understand how the pandemic is affecting businesses globally and how policy decisions are impacting communities.
  • Discover how companies have adapted their communication efforts to respond to the pandemic.
  • Start your mornings with key updates from any device. 

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Executive-level insights in near real-time. PublicRelay's unique combination of AI and human analysts makes rapid, accurate tracking of concepts, sentiment, and messaging possible.

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PublicRelay is the most trusted media analytics solution for communications and marketing professionals at the world’s most recognizable consumer and business brands, associations, universities, and government agencies. Our clients confidently use our media analysis to plan and measure influencer engagement, reputation management, competitive landscape, and message pull-through. Known for its innovation, superior data quality, and actionable insights, PublicRelay delivers accurate answers to your strategic business questions to help you do what is next.