Use Competitive Intelligence to Build a Better Communications Strategy


3 Keys for Understanding Your Market and Tracking Your Competitors

Communicators play a vital role in the compnay’s understanding of the competitive landscape. Strategic PR plans often include a benchmark of where you stand in comparison to your competition. This guide will help you better:

  • Use Data to Understand Your Industry and its Key Players
  • Adjust Your Tactics, Strategies, and Overall Resource Allocation
  • Use Competitive Insights to Drive Business Outcomes

About PublicRelay

PublicRelay is the most trusted media analytics solution for communications and marketing professionals at the world’s most recognizable consumer and business brands, associations, universities, and government agencies. Our clients confidently use our media analysis to plan and measure influencer engagement, reputation management, competitive landscape, and message pull-through. Known for its innovation, superior data quality, and actionable insights, PublicRelay delivers accurate answers to your strategic business questions to help you do what is next.