How to Measure PR Success with PR Attribution

4 Keys to Proving Your Value and Improving Campaign Effectiveness

The key to PR measurement and analysis

Understanding how your work impacts business goals is a widely known PR attribution, and it’s vital to communicators’ role as a strategic partner to the business.

To tie PR and communications activities to goals, communicators must tie to business outcomes, rather than PR outputs, to demonstrate how your work connects to goals than departments.

But how do PR pros tie their work to business goals? And what does a quality measurement strategy look like that allows you to easily attribute your impact?

  • Create a Measurement Plan – determine your goals to measure what matters to you most.
  • Set Your Metrics Based on Business Goals – establish SMART-ER goals that contribute to larger business objectives.
  • Correlate Data With Other Parts of the Business – analyze concepts that are important and overlay it with other parts of the company.

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