Predictive Suite

Make your communications function more proactive by using solutions that identify articles likely to go viral and predict competitive messaging initiatives before they get traction.


With StormWatch alerts you get advanced notice of articles that will go viral. Trained on accurate data from our human-augmented technology approach, artificial intelligence determines within hours of publishing whether an article is likely to receive high sharing in social media, allowing your team time to act. 

Predictive Analytics

For Negative Stories

Your communications team buys valuable time to warn internal audiences and craft an appropriate response. When dealing with high volumes of critical coverage, StormWatch Alerts also focus your team on the most important articles and the influencers driving social sharing. 

For Positive Stories

Your team can boost the story on owned media and plan follow-up messaging that takes advantage of the attention. StormWatch can also be pointed at competitor or industry topics to identify opportunities.

“We are able to get the answers to questions we know leadership will have before they even ask.”

-Matt Anchin, Head of Communications, Vimeo

Competitive Predictor

Our Competitive Predictor uncovers the key messages your competitors will be focusing on in the coming weeks. The solution then identifies the reporters that are the most likely target of that messaging, enabling your team to beat the competition to the punch. 

Anticipate Competitor Strategies

With this knowledge, communicators can hijack competitor news and plant their messaging. It can also serve as an early warning of new products and marketing campaigns, allowing communicators to provide valuable business intelligence to the entire company.

Plan Your Response

In addition to identifying reporters that your competition will target, the solution surfaces the most influential authors on the topic and the ones most likely to feature your spokespeople, helping you get ahead and spread your own messaging.

About PublicRelay

PublicRelay is the most trusted media analytics solution for communications and marketing professionals at the world’s most recognizable consumer and business brands, associations, universities, and government agencies. 

With teams from across the globe, we are able to confidently use our media analysis to plan and measure influencer engagement, reputation management, competitive landscape and message pull through. Known for its innovation, superior data quality and actionable insights, PublicRelay helps communicators not only understand what they have done but what to do next.