Reputation Management

From avoiding brand crises to looking for ways to strengthen your image proactively, you need an accurate and consistent method to understand your public perception and measure your impact on it.

Show the C-suite that you are refining your tactics to make the most out of your resources and deliver results quarter over quarter through an outcome-based reputation management strategy centered on brand drivers.

An outcome-based reputation management strategy centered on brand drivers allows you to:

Quantify Your Reputation

While it may be interesting to count how much negative or positive coverage you are getting, wouldn’t it be more helpful to know the topics and even subtopics driving that coverage? To truly make an impact, you need to accurately decipher the sentiment and frequency of those key topics in your traditional and social media coverage. Examples of brand drivers include:

  • CSR (corporate social responsibility)
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Workplace culture
  • Financial Performance
  • Product Quality

You can take this analysis a step further by breaking these drivers into subtopics. For instance, Workplace Culture coverage can be further divided into diversity, managerial skill, and teamwork. Identify which drivers get the most negative or positive coverage and reallocate resources to improve your campaigns and strategies.

Stop Crises Before They Erupt

Only with a strong reputational benchmark can you understand if and how you should respond when hit with negative coverage. You can quickly determine if the coverage is getting picked up or ignored and whether it needs your attention.

Understand the Interplay of Social and Traditional Media

Increasingly, social media “ownership” within large brands is outside the realm of PR and Communications. But understanding the impact that social media is having on your traditional coverage is a critical piece of information for your team. As you regularly measure this interplay, trends will emerge that allow you to be more predictive about how your campaigns and messages will perform. You can uncover which authors, outlets, and social media channels are having the greatest impact on various brand drivers. Insights like these can help you refine your tactics and messaging and/or create new strategies altogether to grow your influence and SOV.

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