PR Attribution

Measure what matters to correlate how your work impacts the bottom line.

Understanding how your communications activities create business impact is the ultimate value of PR measurement. That impact is PR Attribution and it puts your work in the context of the business to understand how it creates business outcomes and connects to goals across departments.

PR Attribution can help you:

Correlate Your Work to Business Outcomes

Article counts and impressions are quickly becoming irrelevant. Executives want to see metrics that are tied to business results, not just PR output. Correlate how your work is impacting:

  • Website Traffic
  • Revenue
  • Membership
  • Sign Ups
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Reputation
  • Donations
  • Hiring Efforts
  • Employee Engagement
  • Investor Relations
  • Stock Price

And much more. Measuring how you impact the business over time will uncover what strategies and tactics are working and which aren’t. Enabling you to optimize efforts quickly and increase your impact.

Prove the Value of PR

Overlaying your communications data with other data sources like Google Analytics, employee engagement data, or sales and CRM data shows how your work supports the business goals that your department and others are working toward. Nothing happens in a vacuum and communications and PR are in a unique position to support departments and goals across business units. Showcase the far-reaching impact you make.

Become a More Proactive and Strategic Business Partner

Measuring and attributing how your work impacts the business will transform the perception of communications and PR from a cost center to a partner who provides strategic value. Demonstrating the impact of PR in a way the rest of the business can understand means your stakeholders will want you involved in initiatives from the outset. You’ll be prepared to contribute to any goal with data and insights to inform your strategy.

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