Messaging & Campaigns

Measure message pull-through and campaign outcomes to control the conversation around your brand. Hiding in the context of your coverage are gaps in messaging, new influencers, and whitespace opportunities.

Understanding the success of your messaging and campaigns strategies is a difficult undertaking because of the time and effort it takes to extract key topics (not keywords) from the context of your coverage. But the investment is well worth it as tracking key topics reveals the direct impact you are having on your organization’s business goals.

Measuring messaging and campaigns can help you:

Understand Message Pull Through

It’s no longer enough to present a clip report to your CEO to show success. PR and communications teams need to demonstrate their value in a way that executive leadership understands – by reporting on hard metrics and goals and demonstrating growth over time, just as other departments within the organization do. This requires sustained measurement and analysis of your media coverage by tracking key messages that are tied to company goals. Does executive leadership want to be known as an innovative company? Show them you are moving the needle on positive innovation coverage.

Allocate Resources Efficiently

Measuring messaging and campaigns isn’t just about what you’ve done. When done right, it will also show you what to do next. If one or more of your key messages are very successful but others are lagging, you could reallocate resources and budget to others that need more attention. Your messaging analysis will contain data about authors, outlets and sentiment about not only your brand but also your key messages. By comparing to this analysis over time, you will become more effective and efficient at reaching out to authors. This is one area where PR measurement can directly affect your bottom line.

Identify Whitespace Opportunities

Measuring messaging for your brand and your competitors uncovers opportunities to start a new conversation in your industry or weigh in on a trending topic with expertise unique to your organization. This can be a PR game-changer, immediately establishing your organization as a thought leader on a topic your stakeholders care about and proving your team’s value to executive leadership.

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