More than ever, brands are competing for attention from key influencers as they are essential to engaging target audiences and amplifying key messages that move your brand forward.

To succeed today, next-gen communicators are using media analysis to guide a brand’s influencer strategy. They are finding new influencer opportunities faster than their competitors and engaging with the most effective brand advocates.

Influencer analytics allow you to:

Uncover New Influencer Opportunities to Maximize Reach

Capturing data about key themes or topics that matter to your brand reputation and uncovering the right types of influencers is essential to a strong influencer strategy. Finding influencers engaged with topics like CSR, Leadership, Innovation, Diversity, and related to your industry or brand is not easy, but the payback is worth it. Influencer analytics uncover third-party industry experts, regulatory groups, academics, political organizations, and NGOs in the coverage you are already analyzing. Pair this insight with geographical data and social media impact data and you have the keys to engage the right parties to grow your reach.

Influence Your Coverage by Strengthening Relationships

Most media databases focus on providing author contact information, topics covered and the outlets they are associated with. Unfortunately, that’s not the type of information that will help you craft a pitch that will capture attention. Supplement your author database with a topical analysis of the coverage these influencers have had over the past years (not only what they covered, but how they covered it) to make a greater impact when reaching out to them. This will also help you form long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships.

Measure the Business Impact of Your Influencer Strategies

Evaluate whether the frequency of coverage about your brand and the topics it cares about is increasing or decreasing as you engage with key influencers. Measure your progress over time and demonstrate to your C-suite that your influencer strategy is helping to move the needle on key business goals.

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