Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage —
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Traditional and Social Media Measurement

Traditional and Social Media

Executive-ready Insights

Executive-ready Insights

An Accurate Media Intelligence Solution That’s Tuned To Your Goals

Your insights lie in the context of your coverage, not just the keywords.

“PublicRelay finds 40% more coverage than our previous provider. And the insights they provide me are amazing.”

-CCO of Fortune 500 Energy Company

  • Measure how your efforts are impacting business goals tied to reputation management, competition, campaigns, and influencers.
  • It is virtually impossible to have more sources. We bring you BOTH Dow Jones/Factiva AND LexisNexis, plus Thomson-Reuters, comprehensive web feeds, broadcast TV/radio, and all major social media sites (including Twitter Firehose) so you don’t miss an article or post around the globe.
  • Work with relevant insights, not directionally correct data.

We get to the “so what?” of your coverage. Whether or not an article or post is generally positive or negative about you doesn’t really tell you much. Wouldn’t it be more helpful to understand that the article was positive about your workplace environment and your CEO but negative about two of your customers on the same topics? Are you gaining any positive share of voice for your thought leadership messages compared to your competitors? Should we be shifting resources to focus on messages that aren’t pulling through?

How Does Social Media Impact Your Traditional Coverage?

From social media platform performance to uncovering new influencers, we help you understand the landscape.

  • Do your thought leadership articles get shared more on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook?
  • Find influencers with relevant social reach to amplify your messages.
  • Are there authors with better social reach that need attention?

“PublicRelay’s Trending Score is a great way to understand the impact of social media on our coverage.”

-CCO at Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

Measuring relevant social media coverage for your brand can be overwhelming. The sheer volume of irrelevant mentions is staggering. At the same time, social media is one of the most important channels for message amplification. Just because certain authors or outlets aren’t covering you often, doesn’t mean their social reach should be discounted. Every time that industry regulator gets quoted in an article that mentions your brand, the social sharing goes through the roof. Should that inform your outreach strategy?

Executive Insights That Drive Business Decisions

Interesting charts and graphs are only impressive if you have a narrative to back up the data.

“The insights that PublicRelay provides us are unmatched. They keep us at the top of our game. We always know what’s happening and what to do next.”

-VP of Communications, Financial Services Company

  • Tell the story that explains how you’re achieving measurable business goals.
  • Feel confident making data-driven decisions that will stand up to scrutiny.
  • Become predictive about your outcomes with consistently accurate data.

Have confidence sharing professional reports and visualizations about your team’s efforts at any level of your company with the help of PublicRelay. You can have confidence that what you are sharing is accurate and actionable. The team at PublicRelay has your back — especially in times of crisis or other special events. Making an IPO? Executives getting in a social media feud? Dragged into a crisis because of your industry? Going through a merger? Your PublicRelay team won’t let you down. We know what it means to be both responsive and proactive. If your analyst uncovers a new competitor in the market, you will be alerted immediately. We also let you know when you’ve been misidentified in an article so you can contact the author quickly. We take customer service very seriously. We’re not happy until you’re happy.

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