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Combine Reviews

92% of Americans consider employer reviews when applying to a new job. We aggregate these reviews for you – Glassdoor, Indeed.com, even internal survey responses. Use one platform to keep track of all company feedback, from current employees and eager applicants.

Analyze Feedback

You know your star ratings – but is that enough? Our analysts move beyond the averages, rating each review for more than 80+ individual elements. Finally see what’s driving change in sentiment. 

Answer Questions

Less than half of employees say their company listens to their ideas on improving business outcomes. We help you harness the power of your feedback with intuitive, interactive visuals. Use historical benchmarks to see where you’ve been and chart where you’re headed.

Unlock Your Unstructured Responses

Turn Nuanced Comments

While average ratings are useful, we believe free responses hold the real insight. We use our unique blend of machine learning and human judgement to investigate reviews for more than 80 HR elements. A single piece of feedback can be transformed into many valuable data points.

Into Valuable Data

Instead of being stuck on “3-stars”, your HR team can now take action. Track how initiatives to improve work/life balance perform over time or highlight the great management team to new recruits. The richer your data, the better your talent strategy becomes.

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Key Statistics

CEOs rank attracting and retaining top talent as their #1 internal concern for 2019.

- Conference Board

Two in five employees plan to leave their organizations over the next 12 months.

- Mercer Global Talent Trends

Turnover can cost companies in the U.S. up to 213% of the lost employee's salary.

- Center for American Progress

Industry Resources

Quarterly @Work Survey and Workplace Happiness

CNBC & SurveyMonkey

"Fully 65% of employees who don’t trust their direct supervisors to provide them opportunities...have considered quitting their jobs in the last 3 months."

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