When stakes are high,

is your team’s story the best it can be?


Professional reports and visualizations that can be shared confidently at any level in your company.

94% of clients say that PublicRelay demonstrates their team’s value to Executive Management.

PublicRelay Client Survey - 2016

Demonstrate how you are achieving measurable business objectives

  • Prove your team’s efforts to the C-suite through customized reports and interactive dashboards
  • Benchmark your coverage against competitors on KPIs, products, and audience response
  • Move beyond keywords to track your impact on concepts, such as innovation and leadership

Boost your team’s impact with high quality data

  • Strategize with data that carefully excludes irrelevant, duplicate, and immaterial mentions
  • Trust the numbers you see, with a combination of automatic and manual data checks by our team
  • Focus your efforts on high-impact work, instead of toiling in the weeds to ensure data quality

76% of clients send PublicRelay reports to the C-Level.

PublicRelay Client Survey - 2016

Tell your team’s story in a clear and professional way

  • Track the goals and initiatives important to your business with customized, executive-level reporting
  • Bolster your strategy with clearly-presented visualizations that explain coverage trends and the factors driving them
  • Grasp what’s working well, or where you need course correct – in near real-time
  • Demonstrate predictability to your leadership on opportunities and risks in your strategy