About PublicRelay

At PublicRelay, the hybrid model means that we invest in both technology and people. Respecting the human element means the company is built on a foundation of responsible capitalism, which asserts that it is possible to grow a profitable business while having a positive social impact through ethical conduct and social responsibility.

In 2008, PublicRelay was founded to deliver superior speed, accuracy, and insights to communicators by pairing the best of technology and human analysis. A notable endorsement of our approach was achieved when the company was awarded a series of competitive SBIR innovation grants from the United States National Science Foundation to advance its underlying hybrid technology.

By recognizing both the advantages and the limitations of technology and inserting human analysts at the optimum points, we have opened a new world of rich, reliable, and powerful media analytics unmatched in the industry.

Today, we serve many of the world’s best brands and Fortune 500 companies with customized media monitoring and analytics solutions. With almost 95% customer retention each year, our company makes it possible for our clients to connect their communications efforts to customer actions, engagements, and brand perceptions as well as company business objectives.

With operations in multiple countries and over 10 locations worldwide, we have the perspective and scale to serve the most sophisticated clients.

Grounded in the media monitoring best practices our company has developed over the last decade, our unique solution is propelled forward by breakthrough technology innovations and a relentless drive to push the envelope of sophisticated analytics while obsessing over quality and client satisfaction.

Our focus on superior data, outstanding analytics, and reliably connecting communications impact to overall business goals means our clients gain respect in the C-Suite every day.

Our Story

The explosion of media content across digital platforms has provided companies with the opportunity to understand their target audience on a deeper level and measure the impact of their PR and communications strategies like never before. At the same time, advanced technologies and AI tools have emerged to track and make sense of the sheer volume of data now at our disposal.

Though pure-technology approaches to media monitoring offer a level of speed and scalability to provide comprehensive media monitoring, such tools have failed to deliver the level of accuracy and actionability that many communicators require. Furthermore, standardized tech tools often fail to support communicators with actionable insights from large sets of data, with results not tailored to their unique perspective and business needs.

The communications industry has come to realize that technology alone will not solve their problems.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, other industries using AI have recognized the limitations of a tech-only approach. For instance, the fields of medical science and self-driving cars have both adopted AI-assisted models whereby integrated technology-and-human solutions have the most successful outcomes.

Hybrid analytics is now recognized by most experts as the way of the future.

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Our Purpose

Providing honorable value to all of our stakeholders – our clients, investors, and partners, but also our employees and society, too – is the driving force behind PublicRelay.

We believe in social justice and equality, and we value diversity and the perspectives it brings to an organization. Beyond that, we know that simply stating our stance isn’t enough. As a socially conscious business, we are committed to improving our internal practices and driving social change.

By supporting community organizations, including the Equal Justice Initiative, Stop AAPI Hate, Doras, Capital Area Food Bank, Dublin Simon Community, Women’s Aid, and Community Bridges, we aim to translate our business success into a positive social impact.

Further, our mission of respecting human rights and working towards a common good means we only collaborate with clients and community partners who uphold these ethics.

That, along with our core values celebrating diversity, equity, and inclusion, guides the growth and success of our company. We value diversity and the perspectives it brings to an organization. In addition to supporting community organizations dedicated to social justice and equality, our employee-driven DEI committee works to increase awareness and education, as well as celebrate the range of backgrounds, talents, beliefs, and viewpoints at PublicRelay.

Join Our Team

With employees around the world, PublicRelay is always hiring talented candidates to join our team. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace online and in-person. 

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