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Featured Story: Understanding the Success of CES

The Consumer Technology Association hosts the largest gathering of innovation and connectivity on the planet – CES in Las Vegas. Discover how human media analysis paired with top-of-the-line technology made an impact at the world’s largest trade show.


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Telecommunications and Technology

Grow your market share, thought leadership and brand value by measuring the impact of your media events, technology innovations, new product launches and industry authority. Track your competitors and have a gauge on a highly competitive industry.


Energy and Utilities

Connect with diverse stakeholders efficiently and avoid crisis. Combine comprehensive local and national coverage to measure and track your brand’s reach and penetration. Keep tabs on issues as they bubble up through proactive media intelligence that actively informs a national, multi-audience strategy.





Energy Leader Finds Actionable Insights From Comprehensive Analysis

Government, Associations and Nonprofits

Learn how media intelligence has helped empower our association and government clients by providing timely and actionable insights that range from managing analytics for the world’s largest trade show using top-of-the line technology to helping the Treasury Department take a deep dive into survey data and uncovering the “so what” out of thousands of survey responses.


Banking and Financial Services

Banking and financial institutions are emphasizing effective communications with wary customers and stakeholders. Find out how one company uses data insights to inform their messaging strategy.



Business Services

Publicly traded companies with several business units receive tremendous amounts of media coverage. Learn how a leading management services company cuts through the noise to glean insights that drive communication strategy and overall business goals. Discover how a credit reporting company uses media intelligence to help differentiate their offerings and gain market share.


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