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Boosting Industry 4.0 Thought Leadership to Drive Brand Growth

We’ve entered the era of Industry 4.0, a confluence of trends and technologies, that promises to reshape the way things are made. For a global leader in materials engineering solutions for the semiconductor, flat panel display and solar photovoltaic industries, maintaining momentum in this ever-evolving landscape is crucial. Learn how PublicRelay helped the company assert its thought leadership and dedication to cutting-edge products.

Measure brand value and boost industry leadership

Communicating Effectively to Multiple Audiences with Diverse Interests

Find out how the team at a leading electric utility company connects with several stakeholders, prevents crises, and proves their contribution to corporate success through media intelligence.

Proactive Communications Strategies


Defending SOV in a Complex, Competitive and Highly Volatile Industry

When a booming cloud services company became one of the top ten players in its marketplace, it had to take steps to protect the ground it gained. Learn how media intelligence provides the company a lifeline to critical competitive information as it continues to grow.

Grow SOV and Market Share 


Extracting Actionable Insights from Complex Communications Data

Publicly traded companies with several business units receive tremendous amounts of media coverage. Learn how a leading management services company cuts through the noise to glean insights that drive communication strategy and overall business goals.

Impacting Corporate Goals

Streamlining Strategic Communications at a Major National Bank

Banking and financial institutions are emphasizing effective communications with wary customers and stakeholders. Find out how one company uses data insights to inform their messaging strategy.

Data-driven Messaging Strategies

Transforming the Way a Telecommunications Leader Measures Event-Based Communications

Media events are the cornerstone of PR work in the telecom industry. Learn how one company leverages near real-time data on the performance of its events to drive its strategy.

Just-In-Time Insights

The Power of Rapid Response

Media monitoring when a leading multinational healthcare company spun off a business unit and issued an Initial Public Offering


Who’s ready for an IPO?

Stock numbers and initial public offering
Treasury Department building

How Human Analysis Arms the Treasury Department

Getting the “so what” out of thousands of survey responses when text analytics software alone doesn’t do the job


Survey says…

Understanding the Success of CES

How human media analysis paired with top-of-the-line technology made an impact at the world’s largest tradeshow


Getting innovative 

Jeff Joseph speaking at CES

Actionable Insights From Comprehensive Analysis

Learn how combining comprehensive local and national coverage access with human analysis created the media intelligence one large Energy company needed for success.

Saving effort, achieving actionable insights