Using Thought Leadership to Stand Out in an Established Market


You would think that excelling in an industry where you have a handful of competitors would be easy, but that is not always the case.

In the credit reporting industry, for instance, companies often have a very difficult time differentiating themselves from one another.

That’s why when the communications team of one of the three bureaus made it a priority to help the organization gain market share, it had to first analyze its competitive landscape to identify opportunities for SOV expansion in areas that would help it stand out from the pack. They chose to highlight their thought leadership in the areas of data and analytics as well as promoting their research reports.

Learn how the Communications team devised a measurement program that provided them with key trends and events for actionable insights. By asking and answering integral questions like: Which messages are resonating with influencers? How does this compare to our competitors’ coverage? Are our studies reaching the right audiences? they supercharged their quest to climb to the top of their industry, serving as the ultimate authority in the areas of data and analytics.


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Tamsen Huver

Tamsen Huver

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