Transforming the Way a Telecommunication Leader Measures Event-Based Communications

Telecom company’s mentions over a monthFor companies in the telecommunications industry, media events are at the forefront of communications/PR work. These events are difficult to accurately measure for success given the fact that they are so different from one another and do not directly tie to end-results like they do in marketing. A leading company in this industry wanted to change its approach so they could better understand how these events impact the company’s perception and goals. The VP of Communications wanted to be able to answer questions like “Who is talking about us?” and “Which areas are our competitors dominating with their events?”

The company decided to adopt a new media intelligence solution that does more than just track media coverage, it also measures the coverage of brand drivers like customer service and network performance. Using the new solution allows the company to effectively track its events and compare them to their competitors’ events.

Click here to read about the case study and learn how the company became better equipped to cover significant events in the telecommunications industry because of their new media intelligence solution: Transforming the Way a Telecommunications Leader Measures Event-Based Communications.

Leslie Stefanik

Leslie Stefanik

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