Infographic: Most Widely Shared EpiPen Articles From the Last Month

Every Communications professional operating within the Pharmaceuticals industry cringes at one word: EpiPens. After an increase from roughly $100 in 2009 to $600 in 2016, costs have become objectively egregious, and the industry is watching closely to see how the trend evolves.

After working with several teams interested in drug and medical device costs, PublicRelay began tracking coverage on EpiPen price trends within high-stature publications. To keep our clients fully informed about how the public is reacting to this issue, we utilize social engagement scoring – a technique that combines shares across social platforms and calculates which stories are gaining the most traction with readers.

In the infographic below, catch up on the conversation by reviewing the top 10 most socially shared EpiPen articles appearing in high-stature outlets from the last month:

[A numbered list of links to each article appears directly below the Infographic]

Top 10 most shared EpiPens articles on social media
Links to Infographic articles: 1, 2, 34, 5, 6, 7, 8, 910

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