Streamlining Strategic Communications at a Major National Bank

Banks and other financial institutions remain in a precarious position after the global financial crisis and the countless breaches and scandals over the last decade. With increased levels of scrutiny being placed on these institutions, the need to track public perception and maintain robust levels of communication with customers has grown in importance. A major national bank found itself struggling to deal with these new factors, and had trouble keeping up with the complexity and volume of the coverage it receives. The communications team for the bank is tasked with tracking 7 reputational drivers, 8 corporate messages, 37 competitors (both national and regional banks), and 82 spokespeople, regional presidents, and executives. The daunting task of tracking everything led the communications team to adopt a new type of media intelligence solution that allows them to track all the important reputational drivers and company goals.

When a crisis occurred in the form of a website crash, the bank needed media analysis in near real-time. Click here to find out how their new media intelligence solution was able to provide them with the tools they needed to sift through the irrelevant coverage and stay on top of what impacted them most: Streamlining Strategic Communications at a Major National Bank.

Leslie Stefanik

Leslie Stefanik

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