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That’s how many Communications staff it took at a major national bank to produce one quarterly media intelligence report. Local market coverage analysis is a necessity for effective Communications strategy at many organizations. However, most media monitoring and analysis solutions simply cannot access posts and articles from localized outlets. The result? Both gathering and analyzing the local coverage is left to the communications team.

Each quarter, the bank’s 36 regional communications managers had to provide a count of their local CSR stories.

The process took days, sometimes more than a week. Everyone dreaded the process, calling it “disjointed”. Then the data gathered wasn’t trusted by the executive team. Without accurate coverage data, providing any analysis on it was a waste of time.

This additional manual work was not only a time suck but also added to the overall cost of media monitoring. They were paying for a solution that automated only half of what was needed. The bank partnered with PublicRelay to not only compile all the regional data, but also enable the type of analysis that provides value to the business.

Instead of counting CSR articles, 36 regional communication managers are now focused on metrics that tie to business goals.

They are currently tracking 32 spokespeople, 18 regional and national peers, and 7 reputational drivers (CSR is one of these). Additionally, the regional and national teams access analysis on many dozens of topics – most of which are concept-based (innovative company) vs. keyword-based (private banking). Below is just a sampling of the groups of concepts and the number of subtopics in that group:

    • Government relations (10)
    • CSR subtopics (10)
    • Thought leader (9)
    • Work environment (7)
    • Business strategy (5)
  • Customer solutions (5)

By simply taking away the constraint of automated access to regional and local coverage, the bank is freed up to focus on best-in-class insights for its executive team. They now answer the big questions with confidence, course correct when needed, use trends to forecast results, and create an informed industry strategy.

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Jordan Weiers is a PublicRelay Media Analyst and Account Manager.

Jordan Weiers

Jordan Weiers

Media Analyst And Account Manager
Jordan Weiers is a PublicRelay Media Analyst and Account Manager. Jordan holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Studies from Harvard University. Prior to joining PublicRelay, Jordan was a Research Assistant for Harvard’s Department of Sociology and a Public Services Assistant at the Schlesinger Library at Harvard University.

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