How Effective is Your Spokesperson Strategy?

enhance spokesperson strategy with dataSpokespeople are the experts, thought leaders, PR professionals, and senior executives that are placed in front of the media to tell your story. They are the personification of your brand and can significantly impact your company goals when used strategically. A smart spokesperson strategy will amplify key messages and their expert opinion lends credibility to your brand position. In fact, analysis has shown articles that include quotes from company executives get 6X the amount of social sharing as ones that don’t.

Measuring your spokesperson strategy should not only be used to prove success by looking at the number of placements, but also provide more actionable insights. You can use analysis to answer questions like these:

  • Which spokespeople and messages are resonating with authors?
  • Are there spokespeople with a regional appeal?
  • Do we have spokespeople for each key message?
  • Should we engage more executives as spokespeople?
  • Are our spokespeople staying on message?

Tracking and analysis of your spokespeople over time allows for continuous improvement, especially when building relationships with key influencers. You will be well prepared to present the right spokesperson at the right time.

Tamsen Huver

Tamsen Huver

Director, Western Region, Strategic Partnerships Find me on LinkedIn