Reputation Management eGuide: Unlocking Hidden Insights in Media Coverage

Communications and PR professionals often have a difficult time showing their impact on the company’s goals. Yet they are tasked with one of the most important responsibilities in the company – brand and reputation. So how do you consistently measure the health of your brand and reputation?

An effective reputation management strategy starts with identifying your key brand drivers. These can be concepts like leadership, corporate social responsibility, workplace environment, or product quality for example. How are these concepts pulling trough in your coverage? What does your SOV for these drivers look like compared to your peers? Are there authors that aren’t covering your message on these topics but are covering your competitors?

Analyzing the data on these drivers allows a company to develop a baseline which will enable them to closely monitor any deviations from that baseline in the form of a crisis or an opportunity.

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Leslie Stefanik

Leslie Stefanik

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