Strengthen Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy with Employee Reviews

The talent shortage is at a 12-year high and today’s candidates have the upper hand over recruiters. 45% of employers report difficulty in finding the right skills, and candidates now expect faster turnarounds because they have increasing flexibility in their job selection.

Elevating your company as an employer of choice among top talent requires a recruitment marketing strategy focused on amplifying your employer message as well as attracting and nurturing candidate leads. A key practice to strengthen these efforts is monitoring and analyzing employee reviews.

Employee reviews strengthens recruitment marketing.

Produce Better Content

You can create countless pieces of recruitment marketing content, but that content’s value is only as good as your message. LinkedIn indicates that 75% of job seekers investigate a company’s employer brand before applying for a position, and nearly half of recruitment marketers view employer brand messaging as the most useful way to advance candidate interest.

What makes an effective employer brand message? The answer lies in review sites. Employees are constantly sharing their workplace experiences across public sites like Glassdoor, all of which contain rich insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your workplace. Staying on the pulse of employee reviews can help you craft a message that is already resonating among your talent pool.

Monitoring reviews can also add authenticity to your message. The word-of-mouth information contains key details about the emotional and lifestyle aspects of your company—qualities such as motivating job content, innovative team culture, and fun social events. Incorporating these details in your content can make your employer brand more genuine and trustworthy. As Lauren McCullough from employer brand consultancy The Muse states, “The messaging should ideally be coming from your employees themselves. They are the ones experiencing and shaping your culture every day, they are the face of your employment brand, and candidates trust what they have to say.”

Successfully Nurture Talent

With competition for talent, recruitment marketers need to regularly engage leads, applicants, and previous candidates. This prospective talent is closely watching and acting upon employee reviews: TalentNow indicates that 70% of candidates look at employee reviews prior to
career decisions and 55% abandon applications after reading negative reviews online. Staying aware of your public employer brand on review sites can help you highlight your company’s positive attributes with a candidate who is on the fence and counter negative messages early.

Analyzing word-of-mouth reviews of the applicant process can also help you discover the highlights and drawbacks of the candidate experience and improve your message at every point of the candidate journey. Maintaining a strong employer brand with candidates helps ensure they will apply to more roles with you again in the future even if they don’t land the job this time.

Add Employee Review Analysis to your Recruitment Marketing Toolkit

Regularly monitoring employee reviews can guarantee your recruitment marketing strategy remains relevant and impactful. Tracking key messages in reviews also enables you to generate content that resonates with key talent at every stage of the recruiting cycle.

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