PublicRelay Launches Enhancements to Reporting Capabilities


PublicRelay, the transformative PR software solution for communications and marketing professionals in Fortune 500 companies, the Federal government, and trade associations, today announced the upgrades to its charting and reporting capabilities within its analytics and monitoring platform.

The new upgrades build on PublicRelay’s best-in-class media analytics and monitoring system by not only providing actionable insights that can inform media outreach on a more granular daily basis, but also support strategic, longer-term campaigns. The new charts and reports allow communications and marketing professionals to more easily visualize and demonstrate the impact of their media efforts. These executive-caliber outputs can then be exported from the system in multiple formats to support reporting to senior executives and boards as well as strategic planning within the communications group.

Derived from metrics provided by PublicRelay’s highly-trained, client-dedicated analysts, the reports also enable drill-down into the business and reputational drivers that are impacting sales, stock price, and even recruitment for the company. Unlike other keyword-based reporting solutions that frequently contain irrelevant or miscategorized results, PublicRelay’s approach better connects media analysis to company business goals.

A few of the many enhancements launched this month include:

  1. New charts and graphs that deliver high-impact, in-depth analytics.
  2. Faster system response time for quickly rendering and exporting multiple charts and graphs.
  3. Support for a wider range of browsers to ensure reliable access across Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers.

“With these new analytics and charting capabilities, PublicRelay continues to lead the industry with new, innovative ways to empower PR professionals with data and insights to get better results from media relations and social media activities,” said PublicRelay Managing Partner, Chris Bolster. “The new charts and reports continue to improve teams’ abilities not only to measure their impact, but also to plan and act on those insights going forward.”

The upgraded charts and reports are a central component of PublicRelay’s suite of monitoring and analytics services that together deliver the most insightful and easiest to use media intelligence for PR and corporate communications professionals.

About PublicRelay

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