PublicRelay Expands Executive Analytics with Actionable SOV


PublicRelay, the transformative PR software solution for communications professionals in the Fortune 500, government, and non-profit sectors, today announced the expansion of its reporting and analytics capabilities with its new actionable Quality Share of Voice.

This new analysis approach, coupled with CEO-caliber charting shows the segments comprising share of voice by key topic or company. Other SOV offerings on the market frequently include large volumes of erroneous mentions from weak sources and value them equally with prominent coverage from branded, national publications. PublicRelay’s approach extracts and analyzes the relevant coverage from the outlets and influencers that matter most to an organization

By measuring content across a focused, strategic set of online, print, social media, and broadcast outlets, teams can now benchmark their communications outreach results with confidence against only the outlets that are priorities. This can also help teams definitively prove their impact to management. PublicRelay’s technology-human hybrid approach to measurement and monitoring guarantees the accuracy of these results. Easily customizable reporting outputs add a final level of polish to the precise underlying data.

Eric Koefoot, Managing Partner of PublicRelay, commented on the value of the new feature for organizations that actively manage their reputation. He stated, “Quality Share of Voice provides our customers with another great tool to focus their teams on the media relationships that really matter and prove their value against a metric they can actually influence each and every day”.

Quality Share of Voice joins PublicRelay’s suite of analytics and executive reports that deliver the most insightful, yet easiest to use, media intelligence for PR and corporate communications professionals.

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