How Can PR Make an Impact?

The efforts of your PR team can decide whether your company’s actions make a real impact by appearing in top media. Some companies underestimate the

Think about what you could be using as alternatives to AVEs
Executive Insights

Forget AVE. What are Good PR Metrics?

AVEs – or Advertising Value Equivalent – are on their way out. Thanks to the efforts of the “Say No To AVEs” campaign that AMEC

Invest in PR Measurement
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Why You Need to Invest in PR Measurement

Many communicators struggle with shrinking budgets and funding new initiatives. We see it all the time, especially when it comes to measurement. While not as

Reputation Management

Your 3 Go-To Communications Dashboards

Accurate and regularly updated data has become a driving force in the business world. Having in depth knowledge of exactly how everything is performing is

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5 Ways to Use Media Analysis for IR Strategy

With the rise of activist and ESG investing, corporate brand reputation is more important than ever to strategic investor relations teams. Your team needs to

Demographic Audience Analysis
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How to Leverage Audience Analytics for PR

Communicators agree vague potential impressions metrics are quickly becoming irrelevant because they don’t provide business value. But how can PR pros demonstrate their contribution to