[Infographic] 5 Key Skills for Next-Gen Communicators

As brand reputation is becoming increasingly important to maintaining a healthy bottom line,  the role of communicators is becoming more and more strategic. Consequently, the skills needed in the field are evolving as well. While interpersonal skills and the need for a strong intuition will always remain important, communicators need to understand the business from all angles to contribute to strategic initiatives. Business skills like reading a balance sheet and interpreting data need to be added to their repertoire. Below are five skills for next-gen communicators that were discussed by Graeme Harris, CEO of Strategic Profiles Management, David Chamberlin, SVP and CCO of SonicWALL, and Bill Price, VP and CCO of Zoetis, during a recent webcast:

5 Key Skills for Next-Gen Communicators. The following quotes are from three communications experts who participated in the "How to Stay Relevant as a Communications Executive in 2020" webcast. 1. Powers of Persuasion. 2. Use Data to Tell a Story. 3. Adaptability and Problem Solving. 4. Empathy. 5. Diplomacy.

>> For more executive insights for the next-gen communicator, watch the CommPro webinar, “How to stay Relevant as a Communications Executive in 2020”

Leslie Stefanik

Leslie Stefanik

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