Engaging Key Shareholders Through Data-Driven Messaging Strategies

A pipeline company was having a difficult time balancing the need to produce positive messages and engage key stakeholders while countering and mitigating negative coverage around topics like safety and the environment. It was hard to distinguish the “loud noise” from the negative coverage that directly impacted their brand and stakeholders. The communications team chose to adopt a new media intelligence service that enabled them to accurately measure and respond to all types of coverage.

The company is now able to filter through the coverage to find out what key messages are working. With a better understanding of where they are doing well, the company is able to double down on communication strategies that are working and shift resources to other messaging campaigns that are not pulling through.

Click here to learn more about how the company uses the data from their new media intelligence service: Engaging Key Shareholders Through Data-Driven Messaging Strategies.

Tamsen Huver

Tamsen Huver

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