Energy Leader Finds Actionable Insights From Comprehensive Analysis

A large energy provider needed to accurately measure and analyze their grassroots efforts around topics such as Rates, Energy Efficiency, Conservation, Customer Service, Reliability and Community/Philanthropy. This was difficult to do because media coverage on these topics sometimes does not contain any relevant keywords. PublicRelay was able to provide the company with comprehensive measurement and analysis of all important media coverage on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. With the ability to gain insights into things like message share of voice and tone of coverage over time, the company could answer vital questions like which local influencers were significantly impacting its brand reputation.

Click here to read the case study and learn more about how the ability to measure actionable insights enabled the company to achieve its coverage goals: Energy Leader Finds Actionable Insights From Comprehensive Analysis.

Leslie Stefanik

Leslie Stefanik

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