Your Employer Brand and Employee Reviews

Attracting and retaining the best talent depends on having a strong employer brand. A recent Randstad study highlights that 86% of employees would not apply for or continue to work for a company that has a bad reputation with former employees or the general public. Maintaining a positive employer image can reduce turnover and ensure a more qualified pool of candidates. 

The critical question: how can you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your public employer brand? One effective way is by monitoring and analyzing public employee review sites.

Employer brand is influenced by employee reviews.

Reviews as Word-of-Mouth

Employees are constantly sharing their workplace experiences across public sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. These online testimonials are closely watched by prospective candidates and current employees to help determine whether they should affiliate—or continue to affiliate—with your company.

Of course, basic information like a company’s compensation package or employees’ approval of their CEO matters greatly. But this word-of-mouth information also contains rich insight into important but otherwise imperceptible aspects of the employee experience—issues such as an innovative work culture, fairness of leadership’s decisions, motivating job content, and work/life balance.

Understanding these subtle aspects of your workplace can be critical in differentiating your employer brand from the rest of the market. As Randstad’s CHRO Jim Link states, “While salary and PTO will always be factors in attraction, engagement and retention, the intangible benefits and day-to-day experiences at work have risen in importance. If the full spectrum of values — emotional, financial and lifestyle — aren’t being met, workers will easily find opportunities elsewhere.”

Improve your Employer Brand Strategy by Monitoring Reviews

Monitoring the full range of public review sites on a regular basis can be a valuable practice to stay up to date on public perception of your workplace. Analyzing public reviews as a supplement to internal surveys or other private feedback can provide a more comprehensive view of your employee experience.

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