Industry 4.0: How Companies Can Stay Competitive Through Thought Leadership

We’ve entered the era of Industry 4.0 that is reshaping the way things are made. For many technology companies, communicating about innovation is key to holding or gaining market share, as it impacts things like: shareholder perceptions, customer views and almost every aspect of reputation management.

So, what kind of data is needed to stay on top of their industry and measure their impact against key corporate goals?

One of our clients, a global leader in materials engineering solutions for the semiconductor, flat panel display and solar photovoltaic industries a is a prime example of a company staying ahead of its competition using a robust media intelligence plan.

To help the company assert its thought leadership and dedication to cutting-edge products its PR/communications team needs insights that are accurate and meaningful mirrors of its business goals.

In addition to their daily briefings, the company receives reports that shed light on the rapidly changing Industry 4.0, incorporating narrative about the regulatory landscape and breaking stories.

The team reviews SOV and sentiment analysis of their own brand and key competitors. The data is parsed out and visualized by reputational drivers as well as key industry trends like IoT, Driverless Cars, Augmented Reality, Connectivity and AI. This insight helps them answer questions like:

  • Are our efforts paying off with increased positive SOV on the topics we care about?
  • Do we have our resources focusing on the best influencers?
  • Which authors are covering our competitors but not us?

Reviewing the data with their PR agency enables them to stay or change course based on accurate information about their performance regarding industry topics and influencers. Consistently measuring the data over time also enables the team to become predictive about what their efforts will yield.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”To stay ahead of the curve, ALL companies must use data to empower themselves and strengthen their industry prominence.” quote=”To stay ahead of the curve, ALL companies must use data to empower themselves and strengthen their industry prominence.”]

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Liza Carter

Liza Carter