Centralize Your PR Measurement and Reporting

Communications analysis and reporting is often fragmented, with regional teams and national and local agencies collecting and reporting on disparate data.  When measurement is siloed it is nearly impossible for the Communications function to strategically tie back their results to larger corporate goals. Centralizing PR measurement and reporting

That’s why centralizing PR measurement and reporting is vital for your brand health. It enables consistent analysis that you can trust to inform smarter decisions, provide reliable reporting across in-house and agency teams, and gain a true understanding of the success or progress of your communications strategies. This allows you to identify with confidence where you are hitting goals and which areas need more resources and attention.

Better PR Measurement and Reporting for Your Agency

Centralizing PR measurement and reporting is especially beneficial to your agency relationship. It ensures their expertise contributes to the business goals for which your department is held accountable. After all, you know what’s important to your business and they only know as much as you tell them. Your agency should be working toward the same business goals and KPIs that you are.

Rather than spending time on data clean up and analysis, your agency team can focus more on strategy and campaign execution. In a recent PR News survey, nearly 76% of agency communicators said they would rather be building strategic messaging plans than performing media analysis.

You’re paying your agency team for the strategic expertise they’d rather be delivering, so taking media analysis off their plate is a win-win situation and makes your dollar go further.

With accurate analysis at their fingertips, our clients’ PR agencies spend more time on:

  • Strategically pitching authors and outlets based on historic topic and sentiment data
  • Developing messaging plans and thought leadership strategies from industry whitespace analysis
  • Creating executive spokesperson strategies
  • Optimizing campaign execution and tactics

Defending with Reliable Data

Creating a PR measurement and reporting standard will not only give your agency better information to act on, it will make reports on their progress easier to consume and explain. In the end, your team is responsible for the department’s contribution to business objectives and your agency should be part of the team. By creating a PR measurement standard, you can confidently defend your decisions with data to your CEO and executives and demonstrate how those decisions contribute to business objectives.

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