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3 Tips to Amplify Your Key Messages

Pushing key messages rooted in larger reputational goals is one of the most effective ways to contribute to company-wide objectives and demonstrate the communications team’s value to the business in a quantifiable way. Getting your messages picked up though, is easier said than done. Using data to be more strategic in the tasks you already […]

PR Summit DC: The Digital Environment Forces Brands to Be Transparent and Proactive

At the recent Capitol Communicator event, PR Summit DC, the most important theme presented was that the role of the communicator is more essential than ever before due to a changing digital landscape. This new environment requires the profession to be highly tuned into the social and traditional media environment. Here are some key takeaways […]

The Department of Treasury: Modernizing Communications Through Site-Engagement Surveys

The Department of Treasury had an organization-wide goal to move towards online communications. To better engage their users and improve their operational excellence, they began surveying the constituents that came to their site. The survey was a mix of “closed” (yes/no) questions and open-ended responses. While open-ended or freeform text answers are invaluable, they are […]

Excelling Through Innovation: How A Large Health System Used Media Intelligence to Emphasize Its Tech-Based, Cost-Effective Approach

Today, with the move towards value-based healthcare, the medical market is increasingly saturated with large organizations and smaller boutiques who emphasize specialized care. To continue to grow, a large healthcare system, wanted to separate itself from the pack. They decided to partner with local startups in an effort to brand themselves as providing innovative, tech-based, and cost-efficient healthcare – this was essential to […]

Engaging Key Shareholders Through Data-Driven Messaging Strategies

A pipeline company was having a difficult time balancing the need to produce positive messages to stakeholders while countering and mitigating negative coverage around topics like safety and the environment. It was hard to distinguish the “loud noise” from the negative coverage that directly impacted their brand and stakeholders. The communications team chose to adopt […]

Centralizing PR Analysis to Exceed Thought Leadership and ROI Goals

The advances in big data are seemingly endless. But just because you can access tons of data, doesn’t necessarily mean that your media analysis is up to par. This is further exacerbated when you work in large, highly complex, national teams, that create data silos. The communications team of one of the nation’s leading financial insurance […]

Make the Most of your Messaging and Campaigns Data

The days of guessing the potential success of a campaign are no more. Today, top communicators are going beyond simple impressions and are diving deep into media coverage data to measure and maintain the success of messaging and campaign strategies. Are there mentions of important executives? How is the response to the campaign? Are you […]

Industry 4.0: How Companies Can Stay Competitive Through Thought Leadership

We’ve entered the era of Industry 4.0 that is reshaping the way things are made. For many technology companies, communicating about innovation is key to holding or gaining market share, as it impacts things like: shareholder perceptions, customer views and almost every aspect of reputation management. So, what kind of data is needed to stay […]

Cut to the Chase of Accurate Campaign and Messaging Data: Six Questions You Should Be Asking

With accurate media intelligence, your team can create data-driven plans, go after goals, and evaluate the impact their communications efforts are having on the company’s KPIs. But first, you need to . Some of the questions that PR/communications teams should be asking include the following:   Questions to Ask About Your Messages and Campaigns: Question […]