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Data-Driven Media Relations: Targeting Authors and Outlets

Making your media relations strategies data-driven has many benefits. Primarily, it will amplify your key messages most effectively and efficiently, giving you time back in your day. Use data to prioritize and customize your media outreach: Prioritization Use data to first prioritize your outreach to the authors and outlets who have demonstrated interest in the […]

Reputation Management and Driving Positive Coverage in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In order to combat the seemingly endless negative coverage that plagues the pharmaceutical industry, one leading company looked to quantify brand and reputation in order to drive increased positive coverage and further contribute to business goals. The communications team adopted a human-assisted AI solution that allows them to understand negative coverage to ensure it doesn’t […]

How Effective are Your Spokespeople?

Spokespeople are the experts, thought leaders, PR professionals, and senior executives that are placed in front of the media to tell your story. They are the personification of your brand and can significantly impact your company goals when used strategically. Measuring your spokesperson efforts should not only be used to prove success by looking at […]

Use Competitive Intelligence to Build a Better Communication Strategy

  CCOs are increasingly basing their goals on broader business objectives like increasing thought leadership, engaging customers and shareholders, entering a new market, or becoming known as an innovative or ethical brand. Learn how modern communicators are becoming strategic partners to the business by sharing media intelligence they are gathering about competitors. Context-rich analysis that […]

The Data Driven Influencer Strategy

Influencers have taken the marketing world by storm. A single “influencer” has the power to drastically impact a company’s public image, and this has been especially true for social media. Forbes now has a list of top influencers across different categories, and Rihanna’s recent call out of a Snapchat ad on her Instagram story dropped […]

Issue Tracking: Uncovering Influencers

Issue tracking is a nonstarter for many busy professionals — especially in fast-paced industries like tech. What about tracking policy issues and concepts that aren’t summarized by a quick three-word Google search, like “online content responsibility?” The bigger the players involved and the more complex an issue, the more time-consuming and tricky it is just […]

5 Tips for Influencer Engagement from Next Gen Communicators

It’s easy for PR pros to feel left behind in the Big Data era. While marketers have countless tools for targeting, personalizing, tracking, and measuring how their campaigns perform, public relations initiatives can seem harder to quantify. After all, how do you measure influence or public sentiment? And how can you connect those concepts to […]

Human Analysis Steps In When Most Social Media Analysis Tools Fall Short

Recently, a Business Insider article caught my attention when it sought to quantify the brand boosts that Intel, Under Armour and Merck experienced when their CEOs resigned from the White House Manufacturing Advisory Council. To measure the impact of the walkouts, the piece relied on mentions and tonality data provided by a well-known social analytics […]