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Human-Assisted AI

The Importance of Human Analysis in Media

Recently, a Business Insider article caught my attention when it sought to quantify the brand boosts that Intel, Under Armour and Merck experienced when their

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Human-Assisted AI

Why Keywords Are Simply Not Enough

We are in a new world of public relations management where missing out on a story or tweet from an influencer can potentially cause your brand

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Human-Assisted AI

How to Combine Human & Machine Learning

As you dissect the landscape of media monitoring and analytics solutions available to your team, it’s important to understand how best-in-class Communications professionals are tying

Analyzing Data
Human-Assisted AI

How to Handle Information Overload

Businesses love information, data, and statistics.  Show me a successful CEO, and I will put money on the fact that they rely on stats to

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The Kenneth Cole Twitter Debacle

Early in 2011, the “Arab Spring” uprisings made headlines around the world, using social media to share information without government interference.  Twitter was a key