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The Changing Nature of Activist Investing – 5 Takeaways from NIRI 2018

Last week, I spoke at the annual NIRI conference addressing the changing role of the activist investor and how the IR function needs to evolve to keep up with these changes. As the rise of activists continues, so must strategies to monitor and engage across the media landscape and proactively manage brand (and investor) perceptions. […]

Pushing Key Initiatives: Creating a Media Measurement Strategy Tied to Business Goals

A leading financial insurance company wanted to revamp its media measurement strategy. The new CCO tasked with implementing the improvement wanted to move their strategy beyond the manual media monitoring that the communications team had been employing. The team decided to adopt a human-assisted artificial intelligence solution that yields fully analyzed, accurate results in near […]

What AI Can and Can’t (Yet) Do for Your Business

Nowadays, AI is in just about everything and business leaders are quick to get caught up in the hype. A recent article from McKinsey & Company details some of the general limitations of AI technologies so that business executives understand what is potentially holding off their AI plans as they continue to invest in the […]

Breaking Down The Coverage of Autonomous Vehicles at CES vs. The Detroit Auto Show

No matter what terminology you prefer – driverless car, autonomous vehicle, autonomous driving, self-driving car or something else – the future of human and non-human driving is a hot topic. And we kicked off 2018 with two major consumer events that had the media abuzz about it. PublicRelay analyzed traditional and social media around autonomous […]

Part III – AI for Media Intelligence: The Ugly (Truth)

Okay, maybe it is not entirely ugly (we needed a clever blog title), but it is the truth.    There are three specific areas where AI needs a boost to be successful analyzing media: 1. Changing Conversations: As seen in the Cal Berkeley research, for an AI system analyzing media content to remain accurate and […]

Part II – AI for Media Intelligence: The Bad

Be careful. If you’re now assuming AI can do anything, you might be disappointed.  Bad AI might lead you to make bad decisions. Why? Simple – . Here are some examples of where AI is not ready for prime time: If the answer is not known it can’t be fed back to the computer. For […]

Part I – AI for Media Intelligence: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Everybody is talking about how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world and how it is the future of just about everything. Even communications professionals are abuzz with their desire to jump on the AI bandwagon for their media analytics. It’s true; AI can be pretty impressive. It is already recommending products to consumers, catching […]

Harness Superhuman PR Powers with Human-Assisted AI

A recent Venture Beat article titled “AI will turn PR people into superheroes within one year” predicts that artificial intelligence and machine learning will explode within the public relations industry over the next three decades. Data found through machine learning, combined with professional hunches and experience, can help PR experts with real-life applications like steering […]

Will AI Make Media Intelligence Smarter? It Depends

A recent Bloomberg Businessweek article titled “The Future of AI Depends on a Huge Workforce of Human Teachers” discussed what to expect in the future of artificial intelligence. It’s clear from this article that the tech industry and professional investors are betting big on AI. But what the Bloomberg article shows is they are specifically […]

Human & Machine: The Crucial Metrics You Could Be Getting with a Hybrid Approach

As you dissect the landscape of media monitoring and analytics solutions available to your team, it’s important to understand how best-in-class Communications professionals are tying measurement to business outcomes. In our last blog post, we shared the results of an MIT study testing how untrained machines fare when it comes to measuring a brand’s key […]