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Lasting Pandemic Impacts on Communications in 2021

The global pandemic of 2020 overtook and overwhelmed many companies’ best communications efforts. With communications teams assuming greater responsibility for effective messaging amid an influx

How Can PR Make an Impact?

The efforts of your PR team can decide whether your company’s actions make a real impact by appearing in top media. Some companies underestimate the

Invest in PR Measurement
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Why You Need to Invest in PR Measurement

Many communicators struggle with shrinking budgets and funding new initiatives. We see it all the time, especially when it comes to measurement. While not as

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3 Things To Know About PR Attribution

The PR profession is moving away from impressions, reach, and AVE metrics because they cannot be used to answer how PR is affecting business outcomes.

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Centralize Your PR Measurement and Reporting

Communications analysis and reporting is often fragmented, with regional teams and national and local agencies collecting and reporting on disparate data.  When measurement is siloed