Brand and Reputation Drivers – The Unicorns of PR Measurement?

For many communications and PR professionals, winning a Pulitzer may be easier than showing how their communications efforts are contributing to brand and reputation drivers. Concepts like corporate social responsibility (CSR), thought leadership, brand quality, and workplace environment are very difficult to categorize without understanding the context of the article or social post. Even the largest consumer and business brands find it difficult to get this level of trusted media analysis.

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Hasn’t AI and machine learning solved all of this? Unfortunately, artificial intelligence technologies are not yet delivering accurate context-based results. Media analysis that you can show the board and build your strategy around still needs human assistance to get there. And it’s a pricey proposition if you or your agency are supplying these resources. Resources that should be providing much more strategic value to the organization.

The good news is that accurate, human-assisted media intelligence that analyzes context-based topics is available today and powering many of the Fortune 500 brands. These communicators report they are much better equipped to make strategic plans and adjustments that impact the business.

“We now spend our time building strategic campaigns based on accurate data about ourselves, the industry and our competitors,” stated the Head of Communications for a global Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions provider.

“Instead of worrying if the media analysis is accurate or if we missed critical regional coverage, we can target specific authors who have been writing about our peers but not about us. Being more proactive is a game-changer for our team,” reported the VP of Communications at a Fortune 100 financial services company.

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Leslie Stefanik

Leslie Stefanik

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