Harness the Power of Your Media Data: 5 PR Measurement Best Practices

PR measurement shouldn’t just tell you what you’ve done, but what to do next. Your media data is powerful and can do just that- if you measure the right things. Creating a measurement program around messaging and campaigns, reputation management, competitors, and influencers will yield actionable insights that optimize strategy, inform tactics, and in turn will demonstrate your team’s value to the business. Follow these 5 PR measurement best practices to make sense of your media data and use it strategically:PR Measurement Best Practices

Measure based on business goals

Tie your overall communications strategy back to company-wide business goals. These are goals like being known as an innovative company or a thought leader in your space. Concepts like innovation and thought leadership then become the basis of your metrics.

Understand message pull-through

An accurate understanding of which key messages are pulling through will reveal several actionable insights such as which messages to allocate resources to and which topics are more likely to get picked up on social.

Proactively manage brand reputation

Evaluating the reputational health of your key messages on a regular basis makes it easy to identify when a problem is bubbling up and allows you to combat it proactively.

Measure competitors or peers

Analyze your competitors’ coverage against the same metrics as your own organization to understand your brand perception in the context of your industry.

Make your influencer strategies data-driven

Prioritize your media outreach by pitching authors and outlets you know are more favorable to your brand or message. You might also uncover new authors writing in your space that you need to build relationships with.

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Leslie Stefanik

Leslie Stefanik

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