Why Your Media Intelligence Isn’t Giving You Accurate Answers (And You Might Not Even Know It)

A 2016 PRSA Branding Study reported that 62% of respondents found their PR responsibilities have shifted to include measurement and evaluation in the past five years. Media Intelligence is becoming increasingly crucial to high-performing communications teams – but how accurate is this reporting? The reality is that many PR/communications teams today remain in the Dark […]

Defining a True Brand Boost: Where Most Social Media Analysis Tools Fall Short

Recently, a Business Insider article caught my attention when it sought to quantify the brand boosts that Intel, Under Armour and Merck experienced when their CEOs resigned from the White House Manufacturing Advisory Council. To measure the impact of the walkouts, the piece relied on mentions and tonality data provided by a well-known social analytics […]

Common Names: Why Keyword Monitoring Is Simply Not Enough

We are in a new world of public relations management where missing out on a story or tweet from an influencer can potentially cause your brand a disaster.  As communicators, it is essential to perform ongoing media monitoring and social listening for mentions of your brand and key topics that you’re tracking. This can be especially […]

How Do You Identify Key Media Influencers Around An Industry Topic?

Pushing an organization’s key messages is a priority for communications professionals. Yet effectively promoting that messaging can be daunting, especially in a noisy industry with many different players and trending stories. Strategizing a messaging campaign requires quickly identifying the influencers and media channels surrounding an important topic. A Fortune 500 telecommunications company wanted to better […]

Should You Start A New Conversation In Your Industry?

Gaining a bigger audience for a company’s thought leadership is a top priority for communications professionals. With limited time and resources to push thought leadership, opportunities to expand into new topics sometimes fall through the cracks. Finding the whitespace (or quiet place) where you can lead a new conversation can be a game changer. This […]

Brand and Reputation Drivers – The Unicorns of PR Measurement?

For many communications and PR professionals, winning a Pulitzer may be easier than showing how their communications efforts are contributing to brand and reputation drivers. Concepts like corporate social responsibility (CSR), thought leadership, brand quality, and workplace environment are very difficult to categorize without understanding the context of the article or social post. Even the […]

5 Questions Telecommunications PR Pros Ask During A Special Media Event

If you’ve ever done PR work for a telecommunications company, you know that special events matter. In an industry where customers are always shopping for the next best deal, the media buzz around a new product launch, data plan, or ad campaign can make or break the company’s bottom line. With all this fast-breaking news, […]

36 to 1: Streamlining Media Tracking

36. That’s how many Communications staff it took at a major national bank to produce one quarterly media intelligence report. Local market coverage analysis is a necessity for effective Communications strategy at many organizations. However, most media monitoring and analysis solutions simply cannot access posts and articles from localized outlets. The result? Both gathering and […]

Are Communicators Ready to Effectively Utilize Media Intelligence Data?

There is a shift happening in the Communications world. Communicators are being asked to do more with more. As panelists at a PRWeek event at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity claimed, “the lines have blurred between marketing and communications, marketing and information technology, and who exactly is doing the marketing.” Due to this shift, […]

Crisis Media Monitoring and a Seat at the Table

Company crises can be deal-makers (or breakers) in the career of a PR or Communications professional. C-suite execs want proof that a crisis strategy is working, both during and after the event. How can teams prove that their handling of an event is sufficient, and that it results in a return to business as usual as quick as […]