Media Intelligence: Understanding the True Meaning of Press Coverage and Social Sentiment

Today, organizations have more data at their fingertips than ever before and it’s influencing how they conduct business across the board. Yet, this rapid influx of information can be a double-edged sword making it essential to identify and analyze the right type of information. Communications professionals face big challenges in “reading” the media landscape today […]

Cutting Through the Communications Data Wilderness: Reputation Measurement Challenges

The fourth article of our five-part series produced with partner PR News, examines some of the challenges of reputation management. Measuring brand and corporate reputation is integral to the overall measurement of communications efforts but often thought to be problematic. Part of the reason is because it’s nuanced and requires more human intelligence. This article, featuring […]

In a Land of Unnecessary Information, What Do Relevant Data Look Like?

The world of data and measurement in PR is consistently a mixed bag. In a perfect world, organizations would have a useful bounty of accurate data and insights. Unfortunately, many times this aspirational goal is unrealistic. The major downside to data-driven analytics right now is that people simply don’t trust the data. According to recent […]

5 Tips for Influencer Engagement from Next Gen Communicators

It’s easy for PR pros to feel left behind in the Big Data era. While marketers have countless tools for targeting, personalizing, tracking, and measuring how their campaigns perform, public relations initiatives can seem harder to quantify. After all, how do you measure influence or public sentiment? And how can you connect those concepts to […]

Cutting Through the Communications Data Wilderness: 12 Leaders Assess the Data Era

Check out the latest article in our five-part series about measurement with PR News covering the Communications Leadership Roundtable in late November, a convocation of 12 senior communications professionals co-hosted by PublicRelay. Discover how data is transforming the world of communications and helping PR gain an important seat at the table when business issues are being discussed. […]

PR News Report: The State of Data-Driven Communications Strategies

There is a monumental shift happening in the PR community. This next generation of communicators are changing the way they use data — using it to drive strategy and drive larger business goals. But where does the current industry fall? To gain a better understanding of the day-to-day role of measurement and media analysis, PR […]

Part III – AI for Media Intelligence: The Ugly (Truth)

Okay, maybe it is not entirely ugly (we needed a clever blog title), but it is the truth.    There are three specific areas where AI needs a boost to be successful analyzing media: 1. Changing Conversations: As seen in the Cal Berkeley research, for an AI system analyzing media content to remain accurate and […]