Reputation management
Reputation Management

How to Build a Reputation Management Plan

Communications teams have the incredible responsibility of managing their company reputation across all forms of media. What may appear to be a simple task spans

Media monitoring for PR
Reputation Management

What is Media Monitoring?

Media monitoring is the process by which a company keeps track of its media coverage. This practice benefits PR and communications teams in many ways.

social media for public relations
Reputation Management

The Role of Social Media in Public Relations

While PR teams used to rely on press releases and media outlets to connect with their target audiences, social media’s integration into people’s daily lives

press release newspaper
Messaging Pull-Through

5 Useful Types of Press Releases

Press releases are an important tool for public relations professionals when communicating with the media. They allow PR teams to share company news, take positions

Social media analytics and brand awareness
Human-Assisted AI

Measuring Brand Awareness Through Social Media

In today’s competitive marketplace, brand awareness matters more for companies than ever before. Social media platforms not only provide a means to boost your brand,

Executive Insights

The Importance of Data Visualization

Many communications and PR professionals take advantage of media monitoring and analysis to gain insight into their strategies and boost the effectiveness of PR campaigns.

earned media coverage online outlet
Messaging Pull-Through

How to Get Earned Media Coverage

Earned media is an essential tool for PR teams to build consumer trust. This type of media has provided PR professionals with new and innovative

AI Sentiment Analysis
Human-Assisted AI

How Accurate is AI Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment analysis is a term that most PR practitioners and communications professionals have heard of, and perhaps even a tool they use as a part

Drivers of Corporate Reputation
Reputation Management

How to Track Key Drivers of Corporate Reputation

According to Business Matters, a company’s reputation is crucial to its success. When tracked effectively, it can reveal valuable insights into a brand’s current position