Centralizing PR Analysis to Exceed Thought Leadership and ROI Goals

The advances in big data are seemingly endless. But just because you can access tons of data, doesn’t necessary mean that your media analysis is up to par. This is further exacerbated when you work in large, highly complex, national teams, that create data silos. The communications team of one of the nation’s leading financial insurance […]

Using Thought Leadership to Stand Out in an Established Market

  You would think that excelling in an industry where you have a handful of competitors would be easy, but that is not always the case. In the credit reporting industry, for instance, companies often have a very difficult time differentiating themselves from one another. That’s why when the communications team of one of the […]

What AI Can and Can’t (Yet) Do for Your Business

Nowadays, AI is in just about everything and business leaders are quick to get caught up in the hype. A recent article from McKinsey & Company details some of the general limitations of AI technologies so that business executives understand what is potentially holding off their AI plans as they continue to invest in the […]

The Data Driven Influencer Strategy

Influencers have taken the marketing world by storm. A single “influencer” has the power to drastically impact a company’s public image, and this has been especially true for social media. Forbes now has a list of top influencers across different categories, and Rihanna’s recent call out of a Snapchat ad on her Instagram story dropped […]

Reputation Management eGuide: Unlocking Hidden Insights in Media Coverage

Communications and PR professionals often have a difficult time showing their impact on the company’s goals. Yet they are tasked with one of the most important responsibilities in the company – brand and reputation. So how do you consistently measure the health of your brand and reputation? An effective reputation management strategy starts with identifying […]

Issue Tracking: Uncovering Influencers

Issue tracking is a nonstarter for many busy professionals — especially in fast-paced industries like tech. What about tracking policy issues and concepts that aren’t summarized by a quick three-word Google search, like “online content responsibility?” The bigger the players involved and the more complex an issue, the more time-consuming and tricky it is just […]

Make the Most of your Messaging and Campaigns Data

The days of guessing the potential success of a campaign are no more. Today, top communicators are going beyond simple impressions and are diving deep into media coverage data to measure and maintain the success of messaging and campaign strategies. Are there mentions of important executives? How is the response to the campaign? Are you […]

[PR News Webinar] Proving PR’s Worth: Communicating Results to Senior Leaders

Join us on March 21, 2018 from 1:30-3:00 pm EST,  for a webinar that will show you how to keep the C-suite’s needs in mind when you conceptualize your communications programs AND when it’s time to report metrics. This information-packed webinar, co-hosted by PublicRelay and PR News, will equip you with strategies and tactics to […]

Streamlining Strategic Communications at a Major National Bank

Banks and other financial institutions remain in a precarious position after the global financial crisis and the countless breaches and scandals over the last decade. With increased levels of scrutiny being placed on these institutions, the need to track public perception and maintain robust levels of communication with customers has grown in importance. A major […]

Transforming the Way a Telecommunication Leader Measures Event-Based Communications

For companies in the telecommunications industry, media events are at the forefront of communications/PR work. These events are difficult to accurately measure for success given the fact that they are so different from one another and do not directly tie to end-results like they do in marketing. A leading company in this industry wanted to […]