Success Stories from the Field: Measuring Success and Gauging Business Impact

Today’s communications leaders are increasingly feeling the pressure to prove their department’s value to executive leadership. While some assume this means attributing revenue, your team’s business contribution doesn’t have to equate to a dollar amount to have impact. One of the ways communicators can have the most impact is by becoming an integrator across the […]

Reputation Management and Driving Positive Coverage in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In order to combat the seemingly endless negative coverage that plagues the pharmaceutical industry, one leading company looked to quantify brand and reputation in order to drive increased positive coverage and further contribute to business goals. The communications team adopted a human-assisted AI solution that allows them to understand negative coverage to ensure it doesn’t […]

PR Summit DC: The Digital Environment Forces Brands to Be Transparent and Proactive

At the recent Capitol Communicator event, PR Summit DC, the most important theme presented was that the role of the communicator is more essential than ever before due to a changing digital landscape. This new environment requires the profession to be highly tuned into the social and traditional media environment. Here are some key takeaways […]

5 Key Skills for Next Generation Communicators

With the communications landscape changing, the required talent is also changing. Now, communications executives must hire people with skill sets, that three years ago, were not necessary. People who understand – How AI is impacting communications. Business in general, including how to read a balance sheet. How fake news is impacting businesses. Even the role […]

The CCO of 2020 – How the Communications Function and Its Leaders Are Evolving

Communications has been elevated to a proactive function that is increasingly providing value across the organization. This topic was discussed in a recent CommPRO webinar by top communications executives. Here are five ways that show how the role has evolved: You Need to Be a Business Person You may have turned to communications because you […]

How Effective are Your Spokespeople?

Spokespeople are the experts, thought leaders, PR professionals, and senior executives that are placed in front of the media to tell your story. They are the personification of your brand and can significantly impact your company goals when used strategically. Measuring your spokesperson efforts should not only be used to prove success by looking at […]

The Changing Nature of Activist Investing – 5 Takeaways from NIRI 2018

Last week, I spoke at the annual NIRI conference addressing the changing role of the activist investor and how the IR function needs to evolve to keep up with these changes. As the rise of activists continues, so must strategies to monitor and engage across the media landscape and proactively manage brand (and investor) perceptions. […]

The Department of Treasury: Modernizing Communications Through Site-Engagement Surveys

The Department of Treasury had an organization-wide goal to move towards online communications. To better engage their users and improve their operational excellence, they began surveying the constituents that came to their site. The survey was a mix of “closed” (yes/no) questions and open-ended responses. While open-ended or freeform text answers are invaluable, they are […]

Excelling Through Innovation: How A Large Health System Used Media Intelligence to Emphasize Its Tech-Based, Cost-Effective Approach

Today, with the move towards value-based healthcare, the medical market is increasingly saturated with large organizations and smaller boutiques who emphasize specialized care. To continue to grow, a large healthcare system, wanted to separate itself from the pack. They decided to partner with local startups in an effort to brand themselves as providing innovative, tech-based, and cost-efficient healthcare – this was essential to […]