Part I: AI for Media Intelligence: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Everybody is talking about how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world and how it is the future of just about everything. Even communications professionals are abuzz with their desire to jump on the AI bandwagon for their media analytics. It’s true; AI can be pretty impressive. It is already recommending products to consumers, catching […]

Cutting Through the Communications Data Wilderness: Moving From Data to Insights

Today, many communicators are measuring and accessing data on an ongoing basis. But too often this is only used for reporting purposes.   There is a new movement in the PR/communications community, championing the transformation of data into insights. This next generation of communicators is using their measurement strategies to impact corporate goals such as growing brand […]

Cut to the Chase of Accurate Campaign and Messaging Data: Six Questions You Should Be Asking

With accurate media intelligence, your team can create data-driven plans, go after goals, and evaluate the impact their communications efforts are having on the company’s KPIs. But first, you need to . Some of the questions that PR/communications teams should be asking include the following:   Questions to Ask About Your Messages and Campaigns: Question […]

How to Create Compelling “Report Cards” for Topics Like Diversity

For today’s corporations, a commitment to diversity and inclusion isn’t simply the right thing to do – it’s a competitive advantage. Especially when it comes to brand reputation, customer loyalty, and recruitment. In fact, companies ranked in the top quartile for ethical diversity are 35 percent more likely to financially outperform their national industry medians, […]

4 Goals for Best in Class Brand Communicators

As technology brings stakeholders closer to their beloved brands, the immediate and direct communication platforms intended to nurture the brand-stakeholder relationship are leaving little room for miscalculated brand communication strategies. Add to that the propagation of social media newsfeeds that are extending the lifecycle of news, which can spotlight and prolong any misalignments. Just in […]

Harness Superhuman PR Powers with Human-Assisted AI

A recent Venture Beat article titled “AI will turn PR people into superheroes within one year” predicts that artificial intelligence and machine learning will explode within the public relations industry over the next three decades. Data found through machine learning, combined with professional hunches and experience, can help PR experts with real-life applications like steering […]

Will AI Make Media Intelligence Smarter? It Depends

A recent Bloomberg Businessweek article titled “The Future of AI Depends on a Huge Workforce of Human Teachers” discussed what to expect in the future of artificial intelligence. It’s clear from this article that the tech industry and professional investors are betting big on AI. But what the Bloomberg article shows is they are specifically […]

Attention CCOs – HOW You Get the Story Behind Your Metrics Matters

Unfortunately, most of our clients have lived through the following scenario. The Head of Communications is delivering a presentation to the CEO (or the Board), showing graphs with various data points like spikes in positive coverage and then someone in the room challenges them. “What was that uptick from again?” “Really? Can you dig in […]

Why Your Media Intelligence Isn’t Giving You Accurate Answers (And You Might Not Even Know It)

A 2016 PRSA Branding Study reported that 62% of respondents found their PR responsibilities have shifted to include measurement and evaluation in the past five years. Media Intelligence is becoming increasingly crucial to high-performing communications teams – but how accurate is this reporting? The reality is that many PR/communications teams today remain in the Dark […]