The Department of Treasury: Modernizing Communications Through Site-Engagement Surveys

The Department of Treasury had an organization-wide goal to move towards online communications. To better engage their users and improve their operational excellence, they began surveying the constituents that came to their site. The survey was a mix of “closed” (yes/no) questions and open-ended responses. While open-ended or freeform text answers are invaluable, they are […]

Excelling Through Innovation: How A Large Health System Used Media Intelligence to Emphasize Its Tech-Based, Cost-Effective Approach

Today, with the move towards value-based healthcare, the medical market is increasingly saturated with large organizations and smaller boutiques who emphasize specialized care. To continue to grow, a large healthcare system, wanted to separate itself from the pack. They decided to partner with local startups in an effort to brand themselves as providing innovative, tech-based, and cost-efficient healthcare – this was essential to […]

Pushing Key Initiatives: Creating a Media Measurement Strategy Tied to Business Goals

A leading financial insurance company wanted to revamp its media measurement strategy. The new CCO tasked with implementing the improvement wanted to move their strategy beyond the manual media monitoring that the communications team had been employing. The team decided to adopt a human-assisted artificial intelligence solution that yields fully analyzed, accurate results in near […]

Engaging Key Shareholders Through Data-Driven Messaging Strategies

A pipeline company was having a difficult time balancing the need to produce positive messages to stakeholders while countering and mitigating negative coverage around topics like safety and the environment. It was hard to distinguish the “loud noise” from the negative coverage that directly impacted their brand and stakeholders. The communications team chose to adopt […]

PR News Report: Cutting Through the Communications Data Wilderness

In this day and age, the modern day communications leader must not only embrace data, but more importantly, use it to extract accurate insights that will make them a champion to their c-suite. Explore this five-part report from PR News and PublicRelay, featuring commentary from AbbVie, ADP, Aflac, Dignity Health, PNC and many more top-tier organizations, […]

Energy Leader Finds Actionable Insights From Comprehensive Analysis

A large energy provider needed to accurately measure and analyze their grassroots efforts around topics such as Rates, Energy Efficiency, Conservation, Customer Service, Reliability and Community/Philanthropy. This was difficult to do because media coverage on these topics sometimes does not contain any relevant keywords. PublicRelay was able to provide the company with comprehensive measurement and […]

Use Competitive Intelligence to Build a Better Communication Strategy

  CCOs are increasingly basing their goals on broader business objectives like increasing thought leadership, engaging customers and shareholders, entering a new market, or becoming known as an innovative or ethical brand. Learn how modern communicators are becoming strategic partners to the business by sharing media intelligence they are gathering about competitors. Context-rich analysis that […]

A Challenge to Industry: Devise a Measurement Standard Where Outcomes Will Be Useful

P&G pulled $200 million from its digital ad spend last year and, last month, called on the industry to fix rampant ad fraud and set a standard third-party verification system in place. Strategic Profile Management’s Graeme Harris in a recent PR News article, was quick to point out this analytics issue and added that measurement […]

Centralizing PR Analysis to Exceed Thought Leadership and ROI Goals

The advances in big data are seemingly endless. But just because you can access tons of data, doesn’t necessary mean that your media analysis is up to par. This is further exacerbated when you work in large, highly complex, national teams, that create data silos. The communications team of one of the nation’s leading financial insurance […]

Using Thought Leadership to Stand Out in an Established Market

  You would think that excelling in an industry where you have a handful of competitors would be easy, but that is not always the case. In the credit reporting industry, for instance, companies often have a very difficult time differentiating themselves from one another. That’s why when the communications team of one of the […]