Feedback & Surveys

Open-ended or freeform text answers are invaluable but also more difficult to get into a format that can be analyzed and acted upon.

Analyze Accurate Data

We ask for feedback and offer surveys because we really want to know what our customers, site visitors, and employees think or want.

PublicRelay fully analyzes responses for context and sentiment from CX or enterprise feedback management systems. Our human-assisted AI approach ensures that you can trust the analysis has been performed on accurate data.

Actionable Results

Whether you are looking for trends or need to take immediate action, your data can be analyzed to answer questions like these:

  • How are employees reacting to our new benefits policy?
  • Are customers happy with the new product rollout?
  • Do visitors find our website easy to use?
  • Does sentiment change when we engage directly on social media?

Share Results Throughout the Organization

Whether you want a live dashboard or a monthly report that provides metrics on feedback, PublicRelay’s extensive analysis is provided to you in an easy-to understand format that you can share with your entire organization.

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