Rich brand insights essential to your company’s reputation, customers and overall culture are locked in unstructured data on sites like Glassdoor, Consumer Affairs, Yelp, YouTube, and Amazon book reviews, but even the most well-trained AI software solutions can’t get the “so what” out of these repositories.

Employee Reviews — Insights That Help You Grow and Retain Top Talent

Peter Drucker famously stated, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” In today’s data-obsessed culture, organizations are measuring everything – including trying to quantify employee satisfaction. But collecting the honest feedback internally and turning that into usable data is nearly impossible. Employees don’t believe your satisfaction surveys are truly anonymous – so they turn to public sites like Glassdoor and others.

And it’s not just an HR issue – your customer satisfaction and sales can also be impacted by these reviews. Customers are picking brands to do business with based on broad reputational factors like employee satisfaction, leadership, and ethics. Data points they can easily glean from these public sites.

PublicRelay can help you understand the full impact of these reviews on your brand by analyzing them for workplace concepts like diversity, management quality, hiring practices, work/life balance, and employee benefits. You can then use that information to understand where you stand today and what you need to do next to remain competitive.

Product Reviews — Elevate Your Brand, Offerings, and Services

Similar to employee feedback, your customers are taking to public sites to review your products and services. And your prospective customers are crowd-sourcing their purchases. These free-form text reviews are a goldmine of data points about not just your product or service but also your brand and reputation.

PublicRelay collects and analyzes this data and delivers you the results based on the key topics important to your business. Everything from star ratings to reviews that contain concepts like usability and trustworthiness is presented in easy to understand reports and interactive charts. This intelligence can be further used to inform your product or service strategy and help you understand your brand perception.

Compare Multiple Perspectives — Never Miss A Beat Using Human-Assisted AI

PublicRelay’s human-assisted AI solution delivers fully analyzed data aggregated from disparate review sites and organized by the concepts you care about. Set a baseline and then build a strategic plan for moving the needle on your current state. With a 360-degree view of your brand reputation, you will be able to amplify the positives and counter the negatives.

Receive alerts for new employee reviews and customer feedback and share those with your teams.

Share Key Insights — Engaging Visuals and Reports

From interactive dashboards to narrative-filled reports, we’ll help you find the format that will bring your insights to life for all your stakeholders – be it employees, customers, or future recruits. Use this data to engage key departments across your business from your Executive and Marketing teams and Human Resources teams.

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