Investor Relations Analytics

To communicate effectively with investors, IROs need insights about your reputation and the competitive landscape

Understand the Context And Sentiment Behind Your Reputation

PublicRelay helps Investor Relations professionals understand the context and sentiment behind their brand’s reputation by analyzing traditional, broadcast, and social media sources as well as other context-heavy data sources like SEC filings.

Our human-assisted AI approach enables us to deliver timely and highly accurate insights to be further used for:

  • Analyst interactions
  • Investor presentations
  • Board meetings
  • Earnings calls
  • Transactions

Stay a Step Ahead

Investor relations is becoming less about surveillance and more about proactive reputation management. You need to not only understand how your brand is performing financially, but also how it is perceived in the media and its key players. This media intelligence enables you to have an action plan ready to go if a crisis like an activist investor hits you.

  • Understand the impact of unregulated social activities in addition to all online conversions to get in front of the “truth narrative.”
  • Proactively build an investor relations strategy founded on context-based data points around your brand reputation and that of your competitors which, until recently, have been nearly impossible to quantify.
  • Generate quality data to back up your decisions. Should a crisis hit, use that data to move smartly, quickly and in a proactive manner instead of chasing the issue.

Forge a Richer Partnership Between
IR and PR

Different investors will react to different types of information and weigh various reputational aspects of a brand differently. This requires that brands push out a message that resonates with their investor audience.

  • Craft a credible narrative and convey key messages during important events such as fireside chats with analysts or during earnings calls.
  • Uncover influencers – those that drive the perception of your stock as a place to invest.
  • Know who the right influencers are, be it a government regulator, money manager, journalist, or simply an influential blogger, and engage those that matter.

Get Actionable Intelligence

Your brand reputation is affected by many factors – both positive and negative. That is why it is critical that you uncover actionable insights from the context of your traditional and social media coverage. Who is saying what about you and is it getting picked up or ignored?

Easily answer other questions like these and more:

  1. Which key messages are resonating with financial media?
  2. Do we have relationships with the right influencers?
  3. What impact is social media having on reputation?
  4. Are we prepared for an activist event?
  5. What is the status of stakeholder trust?

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