Employee Experience

Discover insights essential to your company culture inside unstructured data from Glassdoor, Indeed, and elsewhere

Employee Reviews — What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Peter Drucker famously stated, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” In today’s data-obsessed culture, organizations are measuring everything – including trying to quantify employee satisfaction. 

We believe great companies are good listeners. Every day, employees leave valuable reviews on websites like Glassdoor, containing valuable data about your company’s leadership, culture, and employee priorities. Understanding the “so what?” of these reviews is crucial to attracting new talent while keeping current employees engaged.

If you are monitoring your Glassdoor account, you probably feel like you know what your brand’s hot button items are and where you are excelling. But until you can quantify the context behind these posts, you may be missing key results that could be impacting multiple facets of your business.

Customers are picking brands to do business with based on broad reputation factors like employee satisfaction, leadership, and ethics. Data points they can easily glean from these public sites.

Employee Surveys – Turning Feedback Into Action

Employee surveys can be an excellent vehicle for gaining insight into your workforce. Whether you focus on employee opinion and satisfaction, culture, or engagement – conducting a survey correctly takes time and effort to plan and execute. It is very important that the effort pays off for both your organization and the employees.

Failing to act on the feedback or misinterpreting the survey results can have a damaging effect on employee morale. Correctly identifying the context and sentiment within the raw data will allow you to make better decisions about your action plans.

Compare Multiple Perspectives — Never Miss A Beat Using Human-Assisted AI

PublicRelay’s human-assisted AI solution delivers a 360-degree view of your brand reputation. Our analysts categorize reviews and survey answers according to 10 major categories and more than 50 subtopics, each receiving its own sentiment – giving you rich, reliable analytics. Dive deep into employee feeling on important areas like culture, compensation, career, and management. You can then use that information to understand where you stand today and what you need to do next to remain competitive.

Share Key Insights — Engaging Visuals and Reports

From interactive dashboards to narrative-filled reports, we’ll help you find the format that will bring your insights to life for all your stakeholders – be it employees, customers, or future recruits. Use this data to engage key departments across your business from your Executive and Marketing teams and Human Resources teams.

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