Audience demographics

Move beyond potential impressions to understand message penetration with your target audiences. 

Demonstrate how PR contributes to company-wide business goals with insights about which messages are reaching your specific audiences broken down by demographics and psychographics.

Marry your earned media data with audience demographic and psychographic outlet data to understand reach and share of voice against your competitors in those target audiences. In addition, this data can be used to analyze campaign success, identify new influencers, and increase your target audience reach over time.

Leveraging audience demographics and psychographics will allow you to:

Understand Key Message Penetration
to Your Target Audiences

Find out how your earned media reaches specific, target audiences. Did one campaign successfully achieve target audience penetration where another did not? Did a certain audience drive increased conversions that you didn’t expect? Dig deeper into why and use these insights to inform your next campaigns.

PublicRelay can generate audience insights related to the following data points and more:

  • Age, Gender, Income, Education
  • Political Outlook/Engagement
  • Ethnicity
  • Occupation
  • Financial Decisions
  • Healthcare Decisions
  • Consumer Behaviors
  • Social Behaviors

Identify Influencers to Grow Your Reach and SOV in Target Audiences

Understand to what extent the outlets currently writing about your brand and its key messages reach your target audiences. Then use the audience data to uncover new outlets and create very targeted media pitches to key authors at those publications.

Attribute PR Outcomes to Business Goals

Vague potential impression metrics are quickly becoming irrelevant as executives increasingly want to see how PR moves the needle on business goals. Overlaying your earned media data with demographic and psychographic data by outlet allows you to show how your PR activities correlate to business goals like increasing relevant website traffic, report downloads, loyalty program members, donations, and much more.

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