Communications & PR

Accurate media analysis that reveals the insights hidden in your earned media coverage

Harness the Power of Next Generation Measurement

Fully Analyzed Results in Near Real-Time

Regardless of language or media type, our team is responsible for making sure your media analysis is correct—no more valuable time wasted massaging “directionally correct” output. You can take our accurate analysis straight to the Board.

See the Interplay of Traditional and Social Media

Our proprietary Trending Score shows you how traditional and social media coverage interacts so you can be more proactive and strategic—leveraging each channel for maximum impact.


Tell the story behind the story—we attribute your efforts to business goals. From thought leadership to driving conversions, you get the “so what?” behind your coverage.

Media Analysis that Delivers on the Needs of Modern PR

Put your work in the context of the business to understand how it impacts company-wide goals. Correlate your work to reputation, website traffic, customer loyalty and more.

Achieve highly nuanced audience targeting with demographic and psychographic analysis. Ensure the right people are seeing the right messages.

Influencers amplify your key messaging and lend credibility to your organization’s stance on an issue. Use media analysis to uncover new ones and measure the impact of influencer strategies on your KPIs.

A healthy brand reputation is becoming increasingly important to your company’s bottom line. Show leadership that your team is moving the needle on key brand drivers and impacting business success.

Truly understand the success of your PR strategies by analyzing where your brand fits in the competitive landscape. Uncover areas where your competitors are successful — or vulnerable — and use this to adjust.

Message pull through directly impacts company-wide goals like being known as an innovative company, but how do you measure multi-dimensional concepts like innovation when keywords fail?

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Harness the Power of Your Media data.