Communications Insight Center

Make your team smarter with at-a-glance access to media analytics on messages, brands, and influencers.

Increase Collaboration Across Your Organization

The Communications Insight Center can collect and display information from any part of your organization in easy-to-understand charts and visualizations. In addition to PR and communications data, we can also visualize data feeds from other business units such as operations, finance, investor relations, sales, marketing, human resources, or advertising.

Aggregating this information and sharing a single view of key data points encourages collaboration with other departments. This, in turn, helps everyone focus on the key business objectives and align strategies.

Custom, Easy to Comprehend Visuals
All in One Place

The Communications Insights Center is fueled by trusted PublicRelay analysis. We’ll work with you to create an interactive dashboard that lets you see key data points such as:

  • Trending Score
  • Live Twitter feeds
  • SOV for brand and reputational drivers
  • Competitive coverage
  • Influencer engagement

And whether you need a multi-screen nerve center or a single screen view for desktops or mobile devices, PublicRelay will visualize the data you need to be more productive and proactive.

Crisis or Event Center

Whether it is all hands on deck for an IPO or an activist investor, your Communications Insight Center can quickly become your “war room.”

  • Create a central point of intelligence with a 360-degree view of how events are unfolding and how, or if, you should be responding.
  • Easily track how your messages and responses are resonating on traditional and social media.