Harness the Power of Human-Assisted AI

Human Judgement, Machine Speed

A human analyst reads all of your stories

Relying solely on automated media monitoring systems leaves you vulnerable to irrelevant content and inaccurate analysis. Our human analysis ensures quality while allowing for a deeper level of insight, capturing perceptions on topics that matter to your brand like Corporate Social Responsibility, Innovation, Diversity etc. rather than just keywords.

They are assisted by clever AI

We employ a type of AI called supervised machine learning, in which a human is required to train the algorithm by labeling the raw inputs. As humans tell the machine which articles are relevant, the machine starts predicting which new articles are likely to be relevant, and analysts provide feedback all the while – validating or correcting the machine’s assumptions. It’s a constant feedback loop and makes for the ultimate human-computer team up.

The resulting data is delivered seamlessly

Newsletters, weekly summaries, monthly reports – get it all delivered to your inbox. You aren’t required to become an expert in yet another software, everything you need to track your brand’s health is just an email away.

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