Does Your Media Analysis Firm Understand Your Business?

Who We Serve

We serve three key markets, bringing best practices to solve the biggest measurement and reporting challenges in each.


  • See how you stack up against competition on reputational metrics
  • Create and measure goals around message penetration, tonality, and impact
  • Know whether your audience is reacting to your messaging in a supportive or detrimental way
  • Move beyond simple keywords and measure themes that tie to your strategic goals


  • See how citizens (or clients) perceive your services
  • Pinpoint emerging problems and areas for action using accurate topic analysis
  • Show your agency’s leadership the effectiveness of your current strategy and data supporting your future plans
  • Buy our measurement services in a simple procurement process – PublicRelay is a SBIR participating agency


  • Show your members, board, and executive team how your work is advancing their agenda
  • Measure the impact of campaigns, media tours, publicity events, and spokespeople
  • Report on, and benchmark against, competing organizations (or ideas), campaigns, events, and executive spokespeople