why we're different

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You see fully analyzed results in near real-time.

Our team is responsible for making sure your media analysis is correct—no more valuable time wasted massaging “directionally correct” output. You can take our accurate analysis straight to the Board.

Your team gets a bigger picture by tracking the social sharing of your coverage.

This tells you how traditional and social media coverage interacts so you can be more proactive and strategic—leveraging each channel for maximum impact.
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You are always working with accurate data, all generated by our proven technology/human hybrid approach.

Every article is categorized by what matters to you regardless of language or media type—from brand and reputation concepts like thought leadership or workplace environment to which authors are covering your peers but not you (and how to reach them).


We only hire the best.

Less than 1% of the media analysts that apply become team members, so you get a dedicated, highly trained analyst that collaborates directly with you and your team.

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You get the benefit of comprehensive media feeds.

It is virtually impossible to have more sources. We bring you BOTH Dow Jones/Factiva AND LexisNexis, plus Bloomberg, comprehensive web feeds, broadcast TV/radio, and all major social media sites (including Twitter firehose) so you don’t miss an article or post.