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See the Interplay of Traditional and Social Media

See the Interplay of Traditional and Social Media

Our proprietary Trending Score shows you how traditional and social media coverage interacts so you can be more proactive and strategic—leveraging each channel for maximum impact.

Executive-Ready Insights

Executive-Ready Insights

Tell the story behind the story—we show you how your efforts are impacting business goals. From thought leadership to brand and reputation drivers, you get the “so what?” behind your coverage.

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You know that your team should be ready to react quickly to trending topics. You also need to look forward and create plans that make you a strategic partner to the business. But those strategic insights are locked in the context of your coverage. It’s time to move beyond keywords and booleans and get to the answers you need. Now you can put blunders in the past and say goodbye to tools that only deliver frustration. Get ready for real insights with meaning, customized to your business and industry. We think you and PublicRelay will make a great team. Take back your time, take back your confidence, and go grab that cape!

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Defending SOV in a Complex, Competitive, and Highly Volatile Industry

Defending SOV in a Complex, Competitive, and Highly Volatile Industry

Tackling a Competitive and Complex Media Environment

When a booming cloud services company became one of the top ten players in its marketplace, it had to take steps to protect the ground it gained. Being blindsided by new competition is a constant threat in the technology world. Companies need to be wary of giants like Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon suddenly entering your market.

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Extracting Actionable Insights from Complex Communications Data

Extracting Actionable Insights from Complex Communications Data

High Coverage Spikes

Publicly traded companies with multiple business units pose several major challenges to communications teams. With high volumes of coverage around each unit and several brand drivers to keep track of, it is difficult to understand message pull-through and if the company is in control of its own reputation. Add high coverage spikes to this list of challenges, and it is even more difficult to understand the success of a communications strategy.

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Streamlining Strategic Communications at a Major National Bank

Streamlining Strategic Communications at a Major National Bank

The Complexity of Strategic Media Measurement

Banking and financial institutions are emphasizing effective communications with wary customers and stakeholders. Find out how one company uses data insights to inform their messaging strategy. With branches and locations both globally and across America, large banks must stay in front of news in individual regions and on top of issues like customer experience and perception, corporate compliance and responsibility, cybersecurity, and community relations.

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Transforming the Way a Telecommunications Leader Measures Event-Based Communications

Transforming the Way a Telecommunications Leader Measures Event-Based Communications

Monitoring Media Coverage for Events

Media events are the bread and butter of communications/PR work in the telecommunications industry. From new spokespeople contracts to influencer collaborations and product launch events, telecommunications is a noisy industry with only a few players and much promotional activity. In this fast-moving industry, understanding an event’s success in near-real time can present challenges.

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The Power of Rapid Response

The Power of Rapid Response

Who’s Ready For An IPO?

A leading multinational healthcare company spun off a business unit and issued an Initial Public Offering (IPO). The communications team was concerned about their ability to adequately analyze the high volume of coverage expected. At the time of and Immediately following the event, they needed around-the-clock monitoring of online, social, and broadcast media coverage.

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How Human Analysis Arms the Treasury Department

How Human Analysis Arms the Treasury Department

And the survey says…

With the intention of providing better online customer service, the Department of Treasury surveys website visitors about their experience. In addition, they want to know if the visitor chose an online experience first versus another channel like the call center. To get this complete picture, the agency deployed PublicRelay’s hybrid solution that combines top technology with expert human analysis.

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Understanding the Success of CES

Understanding the Success of CES

Monitoring Media Coverage at the World’s Largest Tradeshow

The Consumer Technology Association hosts the largest gathering of innovation and connectivity on the planet – CES in Las Vegas. In advance of the 2017 show, Jeff Joseph (SVP of Communications and Strategic Relationships) and his team constructed a game plan for monitoring, analyzing and responding to media coverage. The media intelligence would focus on event coverage generated by CTA, their exhibitors and keynote speakers. Execution of this plan would require a robust technology paired with a team of people “on” 24 hours a day.

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Understanding the Success of CES

Actionable Insights From Comprehensive Analysis

National Brand Gauging Grassroots Efforts

One of America’s leading energy providers operates in 48 states and Washington, D.C. The Communications teams are tasked with monitoring and reporting on media efforts for national and regional brands. To tie back their efforts to the objectives of the business, they needed to analyze media coverage that included specific topics in local markets.

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